Recession Discount: Business Class Airline Tickets


It may still be expensive to fly first class but for some reason first class’s slightly less luxurious cousin, business class, has become surprisingly affordable. Take advantage of these discounts and fly around in style in spite of the economic downturn.

ABC News: [B]usiness class has been becoming something of a bargain for a while now — a relative bargain, anyway, and I know what I’m talking about. After all, I’m writing this column as I’m about to head for home from London with my family on Continental’s BusinessFirst service. I bought our tickets in June of this year online, with no help from a travel agent, and paid $1,360 (plus tax) per ticket, roundtrip…

I just saw some business fares to London for about $1,800 roundtrip on Continental, and Lufthansa has flights from New York to Frankfurt for $750 each way. A little perspective: Normally a roundtrip, business class flight to Europe — even with a 14-day advance-purchase — would cost about $4,400. Buy your tickets less than 14 days in advance and the price jumps to nearly $6,000. And again, normally, the only bargains to be had required a 40- or 50-day advance purchase.

Want more good news? How about all the “business class Botox” we’ve been seeing lately — you know, all the makeovers aboard the U.S. legacy network airlines. Finally, we’re seeing more of those nifty lay-flat seats, 250 plus movies on demand, and when it comes to dining, lot’s more pizzazz. How does “Rosemary-scented shrimp drizzled with garlic sauce served with lemon rice and artichokes” sound? Sounds good to me and to the chefs working for American Airlines.

This is the way flying should be — and amazingly, it’s within reach of a lot of us. I predict, these relative bargains in business class will continue well into the New Year.