#ICYMI, here's what happened in Australian politics last night

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Last night the Liberal Party voted for a new leader and Australia got a new prime minister.

Malcolm Turnbull defeated Tony Abbott 54 votes to 44 in last night’s ballot, after Turnbull resigned as communications minister and challenged Abbott for the role.

Here’s how it played out.

Firstly, Turnbull put the challenge to Abbott, and the Coalition. Abbott announced two hours after Turnbull broke the news that a ballot for the leadership and deputy leadership would be held. More here.

Australian financial markets weren’t concerned with what was happening in Canberra. The Australian dollar fell around 30 pips after news broke around 3.30 pm Sydney time, dropping to a session low of .7064. More here.

The internet started to have some fun with the situation and a search libspill.com suddenly redirected users to Turnbull’s political website. It’s hard to establish through the usual channels who owns the domain name or when it was created, but people were tweeting about the redirect following Turnbull’s announcement. More here.

The came the hastags… #putoutyouronions for Tony Abbott was the most popular. Have a look at just some of the Australians putting out their onions in commiseration for the former prime minister here.

And the memes Here’s how Australia is reacting to the #Libspill on Twitter.

Turnbull spoke to confirm he would be challenging Abbott. Opposition leader Bill Shorten talked too, but didn’t say much. More here.

In response Abbott called for the leadership ballot to be held immediately. He was confident in his position during the address: “I will be a candidate, and I expect to win… You can trust me to deliver a stronger economy and a safer community”. More here.

Then the bets were on… literally. According to Sportsbet Turnbull was expected to win, at the time he was priced at $1.12. Abbott was paying $6.50. More here.

One tweet in particularly caught out attention and showed how messed up Australian politics is.

Yep. That’s right. John Howard started his last full-term as prime minister of Australia in 2004. The iPhone was not released until 2007. More here.

Here’s who we knew was voting for Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott. The full list is here.

Business Insider’s Simon Thomsen noticed a spooky coincidence to Turnbull’s leadership challenge — see what groundhog politics he likened it to here.

The count down was on and MPs had a walk-off down the corridor to the meeting room. Twitter had a field day comparing it to movies and characters such Darth Vader from Star Wars. More here.

The results were in: MALCOLM TURNBULL WILL BE AUSTRALIA’S 29TH PM. Turnbull beat Abbott by 54 votes to 44, with one abstention among the 99 MPs present. More here.

Yet again, short-termism rules in Canberra. Business Insider’s Paul Colgan hit the nail on the head. “Perhaps we should just get used to it”, he said, “The pattern is well-established for Australian political parties. Disgruntlement sets in, whispering campaigns start, and unpopular leaders are dispatched.” More here.

Turnbull’s offer to restore business confidence was contradictory, but just might work. See why here.

In his first statement after being elected Liberal leader, Turnbull urged Australians to embrace disruption. He said his government would be “focused on ensuring that in the years ahead as the world becomes more and more competitive and greater opportunities arise, we are able to take advantage of that.” More here.

Overall, Turnbull’s ascent to The Lodge caps a stellar career in politics. More here.

So, to mark the new PM’s arrival here are 16 Turnbull quotes that reveal the mind of Australia’s newest prime minister. More here.

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