Ariana Grande gets killed off in a bizarre texting scene during the first episode of Fox's new star-studded dramedy, 'Scream Queens '

Warning: Spoilers ahead!
The two-hour premiere of Fox’s new show “Scream Queens” aired Tuesday night. It’s full of stars including Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle, Abigail Breslin, Diego Boneta and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The pilot was good in both a funny and disturbing way, like a mix of “Mean Girls,” ABC Family’s sunsetted show “Greek” and Wes Craven’s “Scream.”

Roberts plays a snobby queen bee who is president of a sorority house that seems to be the target of a campus serial killer. Breslin and Grande play her minions and Lea Michelle plays “neck brace girl,” an awkward new pledge. Jonas is a gay golfer who seems to have a dark side and wants to pledge Roberts’ sorority. Jamie Lee Curtis is the dean of the school who has it out for Roberts’ sorority.

Throughout the two-hour premiere, cast members start dropping like flies in a series of bizarre scenes. Singer Ariana Grande is one of the first to go. While packing to leave the sorority house, she gets a knock on her bedroom door from the campus killer, who dawns the school mascot costume, a red devil.

The devil texts her, “Do you want to dance with the devil?”

Grande texts back, “Maybe.”

The devil then grabs and dips her, then lets her go.

“I’m going to kill you now,” he texts back.

Grande replies, “Wait whaaat???!” Then gets stabbed.

Yup, it was strange, and Grande is out along with another pledge who the girls call “Deaf Taylor Swift,” a member of campus security, and the sorority’s housemaid.

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