A Startup Called Rebump Has Invented A Way To Make You Hate Email Even More

Sometimes the best way to deal with an unsolicited email is to ignore it — just highlight it and delete it and you’re done.

A new startup is making that simple hack harder to do.

The startup is called Rebump.

The company developed a free chrome and Firefox extension that will send a series of follow up messages to people that haven’t responded to your initial email. You can schedule how many times you want a follow up message to ping someone’s inbox until they finally feel pressured to respond.

We first saw this on TechCrunch.

You can download the app from the company’s website and you can use it on your phone but look below to see how it works for desktop.

Once you download the app, click on ‘Compose Message’ and you should see the Rebump option appear at the bottom.

When you send the email, go up to the top and click on the ‘Rebump’ option and enter your account. This page is where you can track when you sent the initial email and how many times it would be followed up.

Scroll up to the top and go to ‘Settings’. For the first follow up, you can create your own message and decide when you want to send it.

How To Use RebumpScreenshotScreenshot

If no one answers on the first follow up, go down the page to create a message for the next one. You can schedule two more follow ups until someone finally answers the email.

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