Murdoch Editor Rebekah Brooks Tells Furious 'News of the World' Staff She's Keeping Her Job While They Get Canned

Rebekah Brooks

Photo: Youtube

Rebekah Brooks, favoured employee of Rupert Murdoch and the woman at the centre of the phone hacking scandal, faced a furious News of the World staff today.When news broke yesterday that the Murdoch’s were shutting down New of the World this Sunday there were rumours that the newsroom was so angry with Brooks she needed two security guards to protect her from their “lynch mob” mentality.

A short time ago Brooks faced the staff at the paper. 

Sky News Political Correspondent (and “former tabloid hack”) Sophie Ridge tweeted the meeting based on what her sources inside were telling her.

From Ridge:

  • Rebekah Brooks says the decision to close the NotW was taken because there was another two years plus ahead of trouble. [Meaning they knew they had lied and that the police would be pressing further charges?]
  • Rebekah Brooks says she is staying on because she is a conductor for it all [presumably this was not of great comfort to the people who are now without jobs, and feel Brooks’ behaviour is to blame for this].
  • Rebekah Brooks said that advertisers said the brand was “toxic” I’m hearing, and the decision “was not done lightly”
  • She also said she is trying to find them jobs where possible across News International and News Corp
  • Rebekah Brooks has apologised to staff for “operational issues” ie email access

And this from a ex-NOTW journalist who lost his job yesterday: “1 (ex)colleague devastated.worse than yest. gutted. this was planned from months ago, we’re now nearly 99% sure of that. A write off…”

If true, that changes everything. 

James Murdoch‘s contrite statement yesterday suggested that all of the recent revelations about NOTW’s hacking were completely new to him.  If it’s true this shutdown had been in the works for months than that suggests the Murdochs were aware of how bad things could get and were preparing for the worst.

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