115 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Get A Parking Ticket In New York City

I just moved back to New York after 10 years in Los Angeles.

Mostly, it’s been great.

But today, I got my first taste of Manhattan’s mean side. As you can see from this parking ticket, I now owe the city $US115.

I’ve gotten speeding tickets for about that much before. But never a parking ticket. L.A. is the land of parking validations and valets. I went years between parking tickets. (And in L.A., the average parking ticket is a comparatively paltry $US68).

I have no defence for my transgression. I just misinterpreted this sign:

I have to say, though, that in a decade, it seems to me that it’s becomemuch, muchharder to park in Manhattan.

And as far as some opponents of cars and automotive congestion in the city are concerned, that’s probably a good thing.

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