Rumours swirl that the Bloomberg outage was caused by a spilled can of Coke

Bloomberg terminals went down for nearly two and half hours on Friday and the cause is still yet to be officially confirmed.

However, a source that works in and comments on the markets told Business Insider that the current rumour circulating around Bloomberg’s London newsroom and television studio is that it was caused by “someone spilling a can of coke on a server somewhere.”

The source, who visited the Bloomberg offices today, said staff were talking about the alleged spillage causing the outage of Bloomberg terminals.

Bloomberg’s Europe/Middle East/Africa spokes person Catrin Thomas said “I cannot respond to that.” She instead gave Business Insider the following statement:

“We are currently restoring service to those customers who were affected by today’s network issue and are investigating the cause.”

We don’t know if this is true yet but if it is, we bet that member of staff won’t be drinking Coca Cola again for a while.

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