Here's the best day of the year to buy a house in 11 major cities

The old adage in real estate is that it’s all about location, location, location.

New research, however, shows that “timing” may need to be tacked on to that saying.

According to an analysis by RealtyTrac of over 32 million house and condos sales since 2000, closing on a house on a particular day can save you a lot of money in some cities.

Of 11 major metro areas reviewed, completing the sale on the best day of the year saved buyers at least 10% against the market value for the house at the time of sale.

The best savings seem to occur on October days when there tend to be a dearth of buyers in the market, forcing sellers to bring down their prices.

Oddly enough, Seattle’s best day for savings was April 1, which RealtyTrac found was the worst month for discounts.

Check out the best days to buy, the discount on those days, and the average closing price for 11 major metro areas below.



Best Day to Buy:

January 15

Discount on Best Day:

Average Closing Price since 2000:



Best Day to Buy:

October 22

Discount on Best Day:

Average Closing Price since 2000:




Best Day to Buy:

February 18

Discount on Best Day:


Average Closing Price since 2000:



Best Day to Buy:

April 1

Discount on Best Day:


Average Closing Price since 2000:


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