RealNetworks/GameTrust Deal A Firesale?


PaidContent reported yesterday that RealNetworks’ purchase of casual game site GameTrust was likely “less than $50 million”. But a source familiar with the deal tells us that the price was much, much lower — closer to $20 million. If so, that’s a great deal for Real (RNWK) and a lousy exit for GameTrust’s investors, who put about $20 million into the company since 2002.

Love to hear from anyone who put money into the company (that list includes TWJ Capital, NJTC Venture Fund, Patriot Capital, CSK Ventures, Topspin Partners, Silicon Alley Venture Partners, Draper Associates and  Elon Musk), or anyone else who can offer insight: You can reach me at Pkafka at alleyinsider dot com.

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