Someone made a hilarious, 'realistic' Pokémon Go trailer

Remember that Pokémon Go trailer that showed people biking all around town, catching Psyducks and battling with strangers, grinning wildly because they were just having such a darn good time?

You know, this one:

Well, it’s no secret that Niantic’s “augmented reality” game has endured its share of criticism since launching in July — between server instability, its incomprehensible menu design, issues with distance tracking, the unfortunate end of the distance tracker, and frustration with the sheer number of Pidgeys and Zubats, fans have had no shortage of things to complain about.

It seems YouTuber Lucky Crit experienced a few of these issues, because he edited that initial trailer to more realistically reflect the experience most players had with the game at launch.

So, for example, instead of showing someone using a Pokéstop and getting a whole host of exciting items, they’re instead greeted with a deadpan “Try again later” error message. It’s pretty hilarious. To be fair, many of the game’s issues have been remedied, but it’s all in good fun.

Watch the video below:

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