Realifex for Apple Watch is the first ever private thinking app

With the launch of the Apple Watch today, and the launch of the app store for the Apple Watch yesterday, thousands of apps have been released in anticipation.

One that caught our attention is Realiflex — the world’s first private thinking app.

Designed to capture your inner thoughts, Realifex, allows users to store important moments in their daily life by creating “Quick Notes” at the time and place they occur.

Users can also express their thoughts by talking into Realifex in any language — and using dictation — the app turns these thoughts into a seamless snapshot of their life.

The app integrates moments from your Apple Watch to your iPhone through a “Life Flow” which creates “intuitive and meaningful dashboards about your life”.

The Realifex Apple Watch app is now available on the App Store.

Here’s how it works:

Take a few seconds each day to record your life events, as 'Notes' on your iPhone or 'Quick Notes' on your Apple Watch. These moments will appear in your Life Flow on iPhone, where you can expand on them later.

In real time, Realifex takes this data and visualises your life events in meaningful dashboards.

Reflect on your dashboards -- see yourself from the inside out and make informed decisions.

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