'This is the chart to rule them all'

“The investment landscape today is unlike anything any of us have ever seen in our lifetime.”

That’s according to Grant Williams, co-founder of Real Vision TV and portfolio and strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore. 

Williams shared his views on what he calls the extraordinary level of global debt and the current unprecedented global monetary policy in the below video entitled, “Crazy.” 

One of the main themes of the video is a chart showing US GDP vs Total Credit Instruments:

“This is the chart to rule them all,” said Williams during the presentation.  “This is a story about debt. There is simply too much of it.”

The video focuses on the “cure” that the world’s central bankers have liberally applied following the 2008 credit crisis and resulting recession, increasing the world’s debt burden. The world’s global debt to GDP ratio has increased by $57 trillion in just six years since the credit crisis. 

So what do we do in these times of uncertainty and little faith in global monetary policy? Buy gold, according to Williams. It’s the only thing to do while central bankers still rule the world. 

You can watch the entire video below. 


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