Here's Why You Shouldn't Trust The Pictures Hotels Post Online - Mexican Resort Edition

Things aren’t always what they seem, especially when it comes to the photographs on hotel websites.

Our friends at hotel review website recently traveled to Puerto Vallarta, a popular resort destination on the west coast of Mexico, to see how hotel properties there differed from their marketing materials.

Oyster’s Jennifer Garfinkel found that the local hotels had a few tricks up their sleeves when it came to selling themselves online.

FANTASY: Las Palmas By The Sea seems like a romantic getaway.

REALITY: This hot tub scene is somewhat less romantic than the one in the hotel's photo.

FANTASY: Hotel Portonovo's rooftop pool looks endless.

REALITY: Nice photo crop. The pool is less impressive here.

FANTASY: The pool at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort looks positively tranquil.

REALITY: Instead of an attractive lady and a quiet pool, guests will find crowds, kids, and even aerobics classes.

FANTASY: Krystal Puerto Vallarta appears to be a zen escape.

REALITY: Big crowds, fewer palm trees, and highrise hotels in the distance.

FANTASY: Everyone's a model at Las Palmas By The Sea.

REALITY: Regular folks, not beach babes.

FANTASY: The vibrant scenery at Playa Conchas Chinas.

REALITY: The scenery is still lovely, but not quite so blinding in real life.

FANTASY: The bathroom at the Plaza Pelicanos Grand Beach Resort is aglow.

REALITY: This bathroom is nice, but where's the golden aura?

FANTASY: It's hard to tell how big the gym is at Hotel Portonovo from this website photo.

FANTASY: Playa Conchas Chinas' website shows a spacious, sparkling bathroom.

REALITY: 'Our bathroom was cramped and in disrepair,' with a leaky toilet and rusted shower drain, according to's investigator.

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