Real Madrid Is Building A $1 Billion Space-Age Island Resort In The UAE

real madrid island resorts

Photo: YouTube

By 2015, Real Madrid will finally have a $1 billion man-made island all to itself, the club announced yesterday.The 4.6 million square-foot Real Madrid Island Resort will be the first of its kind — a luxury resort, seaside getaway, amusement park, and soccer tourist destination all rolled into one.

The club isn’t shouldering all of the costs. It made a deal up with the government of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah to foot part of the bill.

The team has released a sandy, hyper-kinetic promotional video with incredible illustrations of what the resort will look like, and we grabbed screenshots of the craziest designs.

Madrid hopes to attract one million visitors to the luxury island in its first year

The 10,000-seat soccer stadium has one awesome feature — one side of the field will be open to the sea

There will be multiple hospitality options. Hotels are one option....

Bungalows are another

What's a man-made island without a man-made yacht club?

We aren't sure what a hologram football show is, but we like the sound of it

The hyper-rich can rent out a villa with a private dock

The hyper-hyper-rich can own an apartment on the resort

The Christmas-tree design of the hotel and apartment building seems a bit odd, right?

But for the true Real Madrid fans, the resort will have plenty of soccer tourism stuff going on

There will be fireworks

Oh, here's why Madrid is putting its resort in the UAE

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