7 Real Horse Meat Dishes From Around The World

Horse meat sashimiHorse Meat Sashimi

Photo: Flickr/pelican

Everyone’s freaking out about horse meat after it was recently found in Burger King burgers and UK frozen beef lasagnas.While there are health concerns associated with these surprise findings, horse meat is actually a pretty traditional cuisine made all around the world.

From eating raw horse meat to getting drunk off horse milk, take a look through real horse dishes from around the world.

You can find horse meat sashimi in Japan

Source: NYT

Horse meat rice noodles are a staple dish in Guilin, Guangxi, China

Source: Guangxi Travel

In Slovenia, there's actually a fast food chain called Hot Horse that serves 'Horseburgers'

Kazy, karta, and shuzhuk are different types of sausages made of horse meat and are traditional dishes in Kazakhstan

Horse meat is very popular in Italy – pictured below is a 'prosciutto di cavallo' (or, horse ham)...

... and here's a recipe for 'Pastissada de Caval,' which translates to Veronese Horse Meat Stew

Mongolians love drinking 'airag' – fermented horse milk

Source: The Atlantic

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