Ready For A Seven-Story Tall Mark Zuckerberg Head?

nasdaq zuckerberg

Photo: milkmit/Dylan Love

The NYSE and Nasdaq are going to quite some lengths to woo Facebook into going public on their respective exchanges, Fox Business News’s Charlie Gasparino reports.Gasperino says the NYSE has offered the company a “Facebook day at the exchange.”

He thinks that means Zuckerberg will ring the bell and Facebook’s logo will be everywhere.

He says the Nasdaq has offered to put Zuckerberg’s face on its giant, seven-story tall Time Square billboard. (The one pictured on the right.)

“They both think they have a leg up,” says Gasparino.

We think Facebook should go with Nasdaq. It’s cheaper to list there; $400,000 versus $750,000.

That difference is pennies to Facebook, but it’s money enough to hire a couple engineers, right?

In the end, though, Facebook will probably go with the NYSE. Executives at the top seem bent on positioning the company and its IPO as one of the most important in history, and the bell-ringing and all that make the NYSE a much more historical feeling place.

Yes, people are getting paid to think like that.

Gasparino says the exchanges assume Facebook is done seeing presentations, and that it will make its call in the next week or so.

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