These are the 46 most trusted brands at the drugstore and beyond, according to Reader's Digest

ToothpasteShutterstockCrest is the most trusted brand of toothpaste, according to the survey.

Reader’s Digest has released the first-ever US edition of its Trusted Brands survey, revealing the names consumers turn to for everyday staples such as cereal and toothpaste.

The results of the March 2015 online survey are based on the preferences of a 4,500-person sample and are weighted against US Census data by age, gender, income, and geography.

Asked about the products and services they use on a routine basis, 79% of participants said they opt for a “trusted” brand when choosing between items of equal quality and price.

Here are the brands that made the cut across 40 different categories.

Airline: Southwest

Automobile (car/SUV) — Domestic: Ford

Automobile (car/SUV) — Import: Toyota

Automotive insurance: State Farm

Bathroom tissue: Charmin

Body lotion/moisturizer (excluding facial creams): Jergens and Aveeno (Statistical Tie)

Bottled water: Dasani

Coffee: Folgers

Cold & flu remedy: NyQuil

Cold cereal: Kellogg’s

Computer (desktop/laptop): Dell and Hewlett Packard (Statistical Tie)

Credit card: Visa

Cruise line: Carnival

Deodorant/antiperspirant (men’s): Old Spice

Deodorant/antiperspirant (women’s): Secret

Eye care product/eye health (excluding services, lenses and frames): Visine

Facial moisturizer/cream: Olay

Fast food/casual dining: McDonald’s

Hair colour: L’Oreal

Headache/pain reliever: Tylenol

Herbal supplements (non-vitamin): Nature Made

Home entertainment electronics (excluding cell phones, computers, and tablets): Sony

Household air freshener/deodoriser: Glade

Household cleaning product: Lysol

Juice: Tropicana

Laundry detergent: Tide

Life insurance Company: MetLife

Mass merchandiser retail store: Walmart

Mobile phone/tablet: Apple

National hotel chain/resort: Marriott and Hilton (Statistical Tie)

National pharmacy/drugstore: CVS and Walgreens (Statistical Tie)

Online shopping site: Amazon

Paper towels: Bounty

Pet care products (excluding food): Hartz

Pet food: Purina

Shampoo/conditioner: Pantene

Sleep aid (non-prescription, excluding cold/pain): ZzzQuil and Unisom (Statistical Tie)

Soap/body wash: Dove

Soup: Campbell’s

Spices/seasonings: McCormick

e: Crest

Vitamin supplement: Nature Made

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