A Hedge Fund Manager Reportedly Bought This Nantucket Beachfront Compound For $US20 Million

Hedge fund manager Reade Griffith just picked up this $US20 million beachfront house in Nantucket, according to island residents.

The 7 bedroom, 11 bathroom house features a home movie theatre, super high ceilings, and an amazing garden. There’s also a guest house.

Business Insider reached out to realtor Gary Winn of Maury People Sotheby’s International Realty for confirmation, but Winn said he could not disclose the buyer.

If you buy something this huge, you probably enjoy some privacy after all.

Welcome to the mansion, on an island 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

It was built in 1999 and has a cottage with its own driveway.

The house has two car garages with a workbench and utility sink.

The living room area has high ceilings and its windows let in lots of natural light.

There's lots of seating to host guests.

Some of them would have a gorgeous panoramic view of the Atlantic.

The kitchen is also quite bright.

This is the living room with a view of the stairs and the curved balcony.

This ladder next to the fireplace also leads to the second floor.

The house has seven bedrooms.

This room has a great view of the ocean.

Each room has its own bathroom.

This is one of the full bathrooms.

A unique shower and bath setup.

There's a professional home theatre in the basement.

This is the garden behind the house, right next to the ocean.

Part of the garden has crept onto the house.

It is just steps away from the beach and there's an outdoor shower for afterwards.

This is the back porch directly facing the ocean for all that wonderful sea breeze.

A simply breathtaking view!

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