Read The Poignant Column From A Crime Reporter Who Witnessed A Shooting At A Memorial Service

chicago sun times

Kim Janssen was attending a memorial service for a 15-year-old boy when shots rang out.

The Chicago Sun-Times reporter, who has been covering crime for five years, ran for cover as a teenager with a semi-automatic ran away.

After surviving the incident and reporting the story, she wrote a compelling narrative.

As I was leaving the scene, Tyrice Brown, a 15-year-old friend of Diaz’s who was walking his grade school brother home from school, stopped me.

“You see how we have to live in this neighbourhood?,” he said. “You see how we live?”

I thought I knew better than most.

But it wasn’t until Tuesday that I fully understood just how cheap life is in Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods, where just walking down the block can make you a victim — or a witness — to attempted murder.


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