Read the full report from special counsel Robert Mueller

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report on Russian election interference has been released by Attorney General William Barr.

The investigation has been a subject of division in Washington for roughly two years and a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s ire.

As part of the probe, Mueller looked into whether there was collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign, as the intelligence community concluded Russia had interfered in the election to benefit Trump.

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Trump has long maintained there was no collusion on any level, and often referred to the inquiry as a “witch hunt.”

Mueller submitted the report to Barr in March, and there has since been a fiery debate in Washington over how much would be revealed to Congress and the public. After the 400-page report was delivered to Barr, he published a four-page summary that said Mueller found no evidence of collusion and did not conclude Trump committed obstruction of justice but did not “exonerate” him, either.

Reports from The New York Times and the Washington Post emerged soon thereafter that people who worked on Mueller’s team disputed Barr’s summary, which emboldened Democrats in their call for the full, unredacted report to be released.

Trump initially appeared open to having the report released and said “let it come out, let people see it.” But it wasn’t long before he said those calling for its public disclosure were a “disgrace.”

Barr held a press conference before releasing the redacted report, and was accused by Democrats of attempting to “spin” the findings in Trump’s favour before its public disclosure.

Here is the full, redacted Mueller report:

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