Read Aegis' Response To The FBI Affidavit In The Posterscope Corruption Case

Aegis strongly denies that it knew of any discount rebate scheme in the Posterscope corruption case, as indicated in an FBI affidavit filed in the case. In fact, the company says, it was the one that brought the wrongdoing to the attention of U.S. authorities.

Here’s the bulk of the company’s statement to Business Insider:

The allegation set out in your email that Aegis was aware that rebates
were being falsely booked as revenue is false and defamatory and does
not appear anywhere in the Affidavit as suggested …

*       This prosecution was sought and initiated by Aegis and the
evidence was provided by Aegis to US prosecutors as we do not treat such
matters lightly;

*       The incident was a one-off in one business in one market e.g.
Posterscope USA only and detected as a result of our rigorous internal
and corporate governance procedures;

*       The prosecution was sought by Aegis at the earliest opportunity
once our rigorous internal and corporate governance procedures had
uncovered the wrongdoing;

*       Both defendants have pleaded guilty to all charges;

*       There was no loss suffered by any client or supplier;

*       The US authorities, including the FBI, conducted a full and
thorough review of this case with Aegis’s full cooperation.  Therefore
had there been any truth in your allegation, charges would have been
brought against Aegis itself.

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