Everyone’s Blasting Mitt Romney After His Disastrous Speech On Healthcare

Mitt Romney

[credit provider=”C-Span”]

Mitt Romney gave a speech on healthcare in which he tried to thread the needle by defending Romneycare in Massachusetts, while simultaneously blasting Obamacare, even though they’re basically the exact same thing.The speech was a political disaster.

The WSJ gave him his second brutal review in as many days. The National Review called it “illogical” and “terrible.”

The funny thing about this mess is that it’s the opposite of the usual knock on him, which is something WSJ points out:

Many people have tried to talk Mr. Romney down from this daredevil campaign act, but Mr. Romney privately says he doesn’t want to reinforce the rap he had in 2008 that he had reinvented himself too often. As a political matter, however, we think it’s better to change positions than to try to defend the intellectually indefensible.

Really though, it’s the harsh reaction from conservatives that’s the problem. Nobody doubts that he’ll be a prodigious fundraiser, but this situation just further emphasises that the base of the party doesn’t have much to like in him.