If You're Tired Of Snapchat, Check Out This Messaging App That Has Even More Features

Between turning down a
$3 billion acquisition offer from Facebookand the
ongoing legal battle between its co-founders, Snapchat is all over the news lately.
The self-destructing photo messaging app has been pretty popular, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good alternative.
React Messenger is a new iPhone app that puts a unique spin on selfies. The startup’s focus is on combining stickers and selfies for its own messaging service. It’s like a hybrid between Snapchat and regular text messaging. We first heard of React Messenger from TechCrunch.

Friends can chat with each other as icons capturing real time emotions. The program is free to download from the App Store. It has potential to expand on its features since it still is in beta, but check out our walkthrough of the app below.

There is the React Messenger App. Tap on it.

React Messenger Welcome Screen

After tapping the icon, here is the setup screen.

The first step is to take a selfie and create your basic login information.

The next step is to write down your screen name and email to chat.

After creating your profile, search for friends to chat with through SMS or Email.

This is the screen that comes up when you want to talk with friends through SMS.

Adding your phone number can make talking easier.

Once you are ready to talk, React will ask you if you want push notifications.

This is the basic chat screen.

Look in your address book to see who has the app too.

This is the search page which lets you refine your results.

This is what the general search screen will look like. In case none of your friends have React, it will offer you the closest results.

You can delete people if you don't want them appearing on your list.

Once you start chatting, it will look like this.

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