RBS Has A Sick New Building And All The Employees Love It

rbs screening a movie

RBS’s new building in Stamford is awesome.

It’s brand new and has:

  • A gym with masseuses, saunas, and free amenities like shampoo and q-tips
  • A cafeteria with “an awesome deli, a stir-fry station, a sushi bar, soft-serve ice cream and a Starbucks.” It takes up the entire floor.
  • A dry cleaning service
  • A souvenir shop with RBS gear, gifts, and cheap convenience items like gum

They also have second largest trading floor in the world and really good coffee (Illy brand coffee, no cheapo Styrofoam cups or nonexistent lids).

rumour is that when RBS was building the new headquarters, they even considered putting a bar in. But then the recession hit and they reconsidered, ultimately changing the plans to a coffee bar instead.

Even the least exciting perk, an outdoor terrace (that overlooks I95), is still pretty cool. And although the receptionists “aren’t that attractive,” they’re decked out in cute tartan-plaid blazers.

From the sound of it, the office is the only thing keeping RBS employees happy at this point. One employee, RBS’s chief economist, Stephen “the man” Stanley is already rumoured to be leaving for Nomura.

“It’s definitely a morale-booster,” says one employee of the $500 million building.

There’s only one thing they don’t have – a waffle bar that’s open every day.

“JPMorgan has one everyday? That’s bullshit!”

Read more about RBS’s new building in The New York Times.

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