RBC Traders Accused Of Being Uncreative, Sexually-Harrassing Boors

Office Sex Version 3

The complaint that Liddy Boville, a former female RBC trader filed against the bank for gender bias, saying she was terminated for having dated an alleged hedge fund fraudster, proves that the RBC guys are a class act.

In the complaint, (obtained via DealBreaker) Boville says that she not only suffered sexual harassment from her male colleagues since she started at the bank, but she was set up by her RBC colleagues with James Nicholson — the fraudster from Westgate Capital — to increase business at RBC.

The comments listed in the complaint are oh-so-classy and pathetic, that they’re sort of funny.

Robert McGuire, for example, a trader (married with two children) made comments that ranged from¬† “nice wheels,” as a reference to her legs, to “did that dress shrink at the dry cleaners?” He also repeatedly inquired whether her breasts were real and openly discussed the issue with Sunil Sadchev, another one of her colleagues. (cause, let’s share the fun!)

Brit Railston, a managing director in Boston also married with two children, also hit non stop on her, but he added a creepier twist to it: a video camera!  Score for creativity Brit.

That enabled him to made such comments as “don’t’ walk by the camera, you distract me.”

And then Sadchev, a salesperson on the prime brokerage side (and probably the classier of the bunch) wrote among other things:

“You should do what you’re supposed to and lie on your back with your legs in the air,” and “it moved,” referring to the effect Boville had on his penis, and “do the curtains match the carpet” referring to the colour of her pubic hair.

The complaint also alleges that the creative bunch went far as to set up her up with an RBC client, Nicholson, in an effort to increase RBC’s business.

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