Here's what the 'spectrum of pain' looks like for the 12 members of OPEC

Maduro venezuelaCarlos Garcia RawlinsVenezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

All the OPEC members unhappy with lower oil prices, but not all are struggling equally.

“The ‘spectrum of pain’ is wide indeed,” RBC Capital Markets’ Global Head of Commodity Strategy Helima Croft wrote in a note to clients.

Some countries are smaller and richer, and thus weathering the storm relatively well.

Others are poorer and have more interal political instability — and thus face greater challenges.

RBC Capital Markets assessed the status of each OPEC producer, and identified which ones were doing well, and which ones were “most at risk for a meltdown in the months ahead.”

Each country is given a “risk for the next year” rank, where 10 is the highest. We listed them from least at risk to most at risk.

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