Razorfish CEO: Microsoft Has "No Plans" To Sell Us (But Ask Again Later)

Does Microsoft (MSFT) want ownership of ad agency Razorfish or not? Microsoft picked up the firm as part of a $5.9 billion deal with aQuantive last year, and rumours Microsoft was trying to offload it — specifically to ad giant WPP — have recently circulated.

Razorfish CEO Clark Kokich says there’s “no plans” to sell the firm, but makes clear he’s leaving the door open to a future deal. TechFlash’s Eric Engleman gets Kokich on the record:

Clark Kokich, who spoke briefly with TechFlash just before giving the closing keynote address at Entrepreneur University in Seattle, said there are “no plans” to sell Razorfish.

But Kokich added: “That doesn’t mean that two to three to four years from now, it might not happen.”

Kokich denied reports that Microsoft has held talks with advertising giant WPP about a Razorfish sale.

Possible translation: With the global ad industry in the tank, it might make sense for Microsoft to wait for a few years for the market to recover before selling.

And the interim plan? Look for growth overseas — the company recently laid off 40 employees in New York as it acquired Madrid-based digital firm Wysiwyg.

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