We just saw the 'computer of the future,' and it's one of the best gadgets at CES this year

When Razer isn’t busy making gorgeous laptops and colourful mice, it’s notorious for bizarre experiments that it unveils annually during the International Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, in January.

This year is no exception – behold, “Project Linda”:

Razer Project Linda   Front Tilted with AtherisRazer

Yes, that is a laptop powered by a smartphone. And not just any phone, but Razer’s smartphone of course. Pretty crazy, no? That’s just for starters!

As you can see here, Project Linda isn’t a laptop or a phone — it’s a laptop-shaped dock for Razer’s phone.


But when you insert the phone, it becomes the touchpad you’d normally have on a laptop — like so:


In all other ways, Project Linda is basically a laptop. It’s got a big screen, a full keyboard, and a touchpad for mousing around (the aforementioned phone screen).

RazerIt even looks like a standard Razer laptop.

Eagle-eyed readers may notice that the laptop isn’t running Windows — it’s running a laptop-sized version of Android, like the phone that powers it.


There’s a good reason for that — the laptop is essentially a large battery with a screen and keyboard. All the processing power is handled by the Razer phone.


This explains why “Vainglory” is the game being used to demonstrate Project Linda — it’s a mobile game, in case you didn’t know.


There’s no price or release date for Project Linda because it’s not clear if this will actually become a consumer product.


Razer debuts its annual concepts at CES with no certainty that they will become consumer products. There are projects that have gone on to become reality, and some that haven’t. “At this time it is a concept, but the team is looking to get feedback,” a Razer representative told us about Project Linda.

That said, it’s a pretty neat concept, and one that wouldn’t be surprising to see in a store. Take a closer look with this video, care of Razer:

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