Tampa Bay Rays player hits home run, strains hamstring while running the bases

Tampa Bay catcher Curt Casali strained his hamstring on Tuesday night in one of the more unlikely ways you’ll see: rounding first base after hitting a home run.

Casali’s 10th homer of the year was a liner that landed just inside the left field foul pole, and off the bat, the ball look more like a hard-hit double than a home run. Casali took off hard out of the batters box, as if he thought he’d have to hustle to second. But as he rounded first base, he pulled up and had to hobble around the rest of the bases.

“It was really weird,” Casali said after the game. “It’s never happened to me. I’ve never seen it. It stinks right now. On top of a loss, it’s not a good day.”

While it’s rare to see a batter injured on a home run, it’s not entirely unheard of. In 2010, Kendry Morales famously hit a walk off grand slam for the Angels and then broke his leg celebrating at home plate. Luckily for Casali, his injury doesn’t seem to be quite so serious.

You can watch the full video of his Casali’s home run here.

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