The Rays And Royals Have Baseball’s Most Efficient Payrolls

Evan Longoria
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We are about one-fourth of the way through the baseball season. So let’s take a look at which teams have put together the most cost-effective payrolls.Using Opening Day payrolls prorated based on the number of games played, we see that the Royals and Rays are getting the most bang for the bucks.

So far in 2011, both teams are paying approximately $440,000 per win.

Those two teams also happen to have the two lowest payrolls in baseball and yet they are a combined 44-37. The Indians, another team with a sub-$50 million payroll, have the best record in baseball.

At the other end, the Yankees are once again baseball’s least efficient team, spending more than $2.3 million per victory. That just beats a surprising entrant on the least efficient list, the Twins. With just the ninth highest payroll, the Twins so far have paid just under $2.3 million for each of their 12 wins.

Here is the full list…

MLB payroll efficiency

This is not to say the Yankees are idiots. Their 27 championships suggests otherwise. But their all-star-at-every-position mentality costs a lot more for the same production that other teams are seeing with much smaller payrolls.

You also have to wonder if owners of teams in the $80-120 million payrolls range are starting to look at the success of the teams at the lower end and wondering why they are spending so much money.