Long Island Man Who Faked Drowning Blames Son For Alleged Insurance Scam

Jonathan RothJonathan Roth being arrested

Photo: NBC New York

The fired telecommunications manager who faked his own death last month just wanted to “disappear” and never intended to cash in on his life insurance, his lawyer told the Associated Press.Raymond Roth, 47, was arrested Wednesday at the psychiatric hospital where he was being treated after faking his drowning off Jones Beach, the AP reported, noting he’d been charged with insurance fraud.

Roth’s 22-year-old son, Jonathan, was charged last week with assisting with his father’s scheme to collect on the elder Roth’s life insurance policy.

Raymond Roth now claims he never knew about any insurance scam, and that it was his son who tried to cash in on the policy a few days after he disappeared, his attorney, Brian Davis, told the AP.

“My client’s intent was to disappear, not to cash in on a life insurance policy,” Davis told the AP. “It was never my client’s intent to make a claim.”

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