Ray Romano explains why his first ever nude scene in HBO's 'Vinyl' was 'stressful'

Vinyl ray romano HBOHBORay Romano in ‘Vinyl.’

Ray Romano didn’t have an easy time shooting his first nude scene for HBO’s “Vinyl.”

“It was a week of stress, because I not only had to be naked, I had to be drunk in that episode, which, as an actor, is equally stressful, because you have to play drunk just the right way,” Romano told Vulture about the moment from the upcoming series, which he had also discussed on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show.”

Romano plays Zak Yankovich, who handles promotions for a fictional 1970s music label portrayed on “Vinyl.” On episode seven (spoiler alert), Zak and his boss, Richie Finestra (lead Bobby Cannavale) travel to Las Vegas to sign Elvis Presley, who just left his label. During the course of events, Zak finds himself in a threesome.

On playing nude and drunk, Romano explained, “Too much is horrible, too little — you got to find the level. And being naked is horrible. But drunk is more stressful.”

Looking back on it now, however, Romano can find the humour of the situation.

“My joke is the director’s not gonna yell, ‘Too big!’ during the naked scene.”

Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese serve as executive producers on “Vinyl.” The show portrays the world of classic rock and roll, complete with lots of sex, drugs, and the burgeoning of the punk, disco, and hip-hop music scenes. “Vinyl” premieres February 14 on HBO.


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