You Will Either Love Or Hate These Deliriously Happy Photos Of Ray Lewis After He Won The Super Bowl

ray lewis wins the 2013 super bowl

Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Ray Lewis’s career is officially over.In the last 17 years he became one of the most polarising players in the NFL. His fans loved his passion and hard work, and his haters loathed his over-exuberance and shady off-the-field record.

After winning the Super Bowl, Ray basked in victory one final time.

There are some remarkable photos of his postgame euphoria, and your reaction to them depends on your pre-existing opinions on the lightning-rod that is Ray Lewis.

This slideshow will be either beautiful or insufferable.

He screams right when the final whistle is blown

He dances while the confetti falls

He double high-fives teammate Jacoby Jones

He hugs MVP and new face of the franchise Joe Flacco

He lets out a scream while surrounded by cameras

Lewis holds the Lombardi Trophy for the last time

He holds a copy of the Times Picayune

He catches his breath as he prepares for the postgame press conference

He raises his arms in victory

He looks toward the sky after talking to CBS' Jim Nantz

He marvels at the confetti

He kisses coach John Harbaugh

He celebrates a goal line stand after the final play of his career

He looks directly into the camera for the last time as a player

He unwinds in the locker room

Terrell Suggs grabs something out of his locker

Now relive the most surreal moment of the game

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