New York's Top Cop Slammed Obama For Ignoring Bloodshed In His Hometown Of Chicago

police commissioner raymond kellyRaymond Kelly, police commissioner

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As of Oct. 21, Chicago had raked up 435 murders, earning itself the title of the deadliest global city, according to NBC Chicago.And New York’s police commissioner has had enough.

NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly took President Barack Obama to task Sunday for failing to speak out against the wave of violence that’s been battering the Windy City since this summer.

“Maybe the city most affected (by guns) is Chicago. The President’s hometown. But barely a peep out of him,” Kelly said, referencing the lack of debate about gun control during this year’s presidential election, according to the New York Daily News.

In contrast to Chicago, New York City’s homicide rate has dropped by 18 per cent this year, coming in at 319 murders as of Sept. 30, AMNY reported in October.

But, even though two people were shot just this morning at a gang funeral, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is insisting everything is under control.

“This is not a zero-sum game. There has to be a recognition that we’re doing better,” McCarthy said on Monday, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Chicago’s outbreak of violence can be blamed on a number of factors, but one of the biggest is the splintering of the city’s gangs.

The deadliest gang, the Gangster Disciples, were responsible for nearly 400 murders through Sept. 25, The Chicago Tribune reported in October.

But the Disciples has been breaking into smaller gangs that are fighting each other for territory, meaning some Chicago residents are just getting caught in the crosshairs.

Critics have also claimed Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s deep law enforcement budget cuts are to blame for the violence.

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“Maybe the city most affected (by guns) is Chicago,” Kelly says. “The President’s hometown. But barely a peep out of him.”

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