Ray Dalio's Son Teamed Up With Spike Lee To Direct A Movie About Manic Depressives

Paul Dalio

Photo: dlf.tv

Much has been said and reported about Bridgewater founder and legendary hedge funder Ray Dalio’s odd habits and beliefs. Now, some proof that those eccentricities have been passed on to his offspring—Dalio’s son, Paul, is set to direct a film “Mania Days,” Forbes reported.Generating more buzz than Paul’s Dalio connection is the fact that famed filmmaker Spike Lee is attached to the film and will be overseeing its production on a “hands-on basis,” according to Forbes.

Paul wrote “Mania Days,” which is about “a manic depressive rapper who gets involved with a manic depressive poet in a passionate affair that results in a pregnancy.” Sounds intense.

We’re pretty excited about the young Dalio’s burst of creativity. But this isn’t Paul’s first foray into entertainment, and he’s worked on several films in the past. Currently, he’s a producer at the David Lynch Foundation. His bio at the foundation reads:

Paul Dalio was always a seeker of spirituality. So naturally when that combined with his love for filmmaking he made it his life mission to bring the Kama sutra to the pornography business to spread enlightenment to mankind but got kicked out of college because it was in violation of thesis regulations. He then found refuge in David Lynch with a newfound hope that a disturbed person could also find enlightenment

What? Kama sutra? OK then.

Paul’s dad isn’t that ordinary either, check out Ray Dalio’s life here>>

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