Ray Dalio's Flagship Fund Is Up 11% And He's Making Money "In Every Asset Class"

ray dalio

The last few months have not been pretty for some hedge funds, but Ray Dalio’s $58.9 billion Bridgewater is flying.

Dalio’s flagship Pure Alpha is up 11% in 2011, according to Institutional Investor.

In June, the flagship added 1%.

And apparently, “the fund is making money in every asset class it had exposure to. It has done especially well being long bonds globally, long commodities, and emerging markets foreign exchange versus the dollar,” Institutional Investor reported.

Some of Bridgewater’s top holdings as of Q1 included emerging market and gold ETFs, as well as Microsoft, GE and Oracle.

Dalio has said he’s bullish on emerging markets across the spectrum, from equities to bonds to currencies, and also likes gold.

If his year continues like this, Dalio is on track to beat his personal earnings last year of $3.1 billion.

via Dealbreaker

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