The Amazing Management Principles Of Bridgewater's Ray Dalio

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Dealbreaker has an amazing story on the inside of hedge fund Bridgewater complete with an internal handbook of “management principles” compiled by top manager Ray Dalio

Dalio’s dogma is displayed in full, as the core principles of Bridgewater are there front and centre for everyone to see.

In the Bridgewater handbook, he outlines at least 245 principles that are… how do we put this, crazy.

He says in the opening that he knows he’s “pretty extreme in these beliefs.” That’s putting it lightly.

Head over to Dealbreaker to read the full PDF.

Get ready, your life is about to be changed...

Be the hyena, not the young wildebeest.

Forget charity, self interest will save us all.

The 6th of 64 footnotes

Success is like ice cream, the flavour is all your choice.

When in doubt, Probe (not in private, in public)

And video-tape EVERYTHING

Watch out for people who are embarrassed by stuff like that

Don't be the frog, put the frog in the boiling water

Design your machine

And make sure it comes with nice, soothing colours.

Green is good.

Break out the champagne, and talk about your feelings.

Slightly different than the old school Topps variant.

Not everyone can visualise, but everyone can try!

The behaviour modification can take up to 18 months.

And remember, JUST DANCE!

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