Ray Lewis Is So Health Conscious He Threw Away His Teammate’s Potato Chips

Ray Lewis

[credit provider=”AP Images”]

How exactly does 16-year NFL veteran Ray Lewis stay in tip top shape and keep playing at his All-Pro level despite being much older than most of his peers?By keeping an unbelievably strict eating regimen and taking up to 50 vitamins and supplements a day, according to USA Today.

“I’m watching these guys, with their cheeseburgers and stuff,” he says. “And you’re going to compete against me? Even if you’re younger and faster, your fuel won’t let you beat me.”

Teammates can’t even survive the wrath of Lewis’s health nuttiness.

“His diet is so ridiculous, even the people around him have to adjust,” linebacker Terrell Suggs says. “It’s crazy. Last week, I’m eating a bag of chips, and he throws ’em away.”

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