Raul Ibanez's Horrible Throw And 7 Other Must-See Moments From Last Night's Baseball Action

Raul Ibanez had some trouble throwing a baseball. It is never a good idea to change your mind about where you want to throw the ball after you have already started throwing the ball (see original video here):

This woman probably shouldn’t sit so close to the field as she screeches in horror when she is frightened by a foul ball:

These Twins fans got creative with their support of the team:

These Matt Albers fans also came up a letter short (the second fan has an L and a B on his chest):

Eric Young, Jr. had the catch of the night (see original video here):

Elvis Andrus made the best play by somebody sitting on his butt (see original video here):

Bryce Harper was hit by a pitch in the next at bat after this home run, possibly because the Braves were overly sensitive about him enjoying the view…

Finally, A-Rod got hit by a pitch and the fans cheered…

And he made a horrible face…

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