Mysterious, insulting statues of 'rat bankers' have appeared in the City of London

Statues that appear to depict bankers as black rats have sprung up in the heart of the City of London.

There wasn’t any placard from an artist claiming credit, or title, just a sign saying “Please do not climb”.

They’re right in the middle of a cluster of bank offices and branches on Bishopsgate, outside the Deutsche Bank office and across from branches of HSBC and Lloyds — and a two minute walk from the Bank of England.

It looks like they’re made out of paper mache and black paint.

What do they mean? Are they a comment on the run of financial crises and scandals in the City since 2008?

We don’t know. But we’d love to hear from who made them

Email [email protected] if you why they are there, or even if you’re the artist and you actually made them.

There are two of them on a low platform:

This one is distressed. Maybe because it’s wearing a jumper and is feeling underdressed in the City.

The other one is wearing a jacket and has its hands behind its back. An allusion to handcuffs?:

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