This $US35 Computer Can Do All Kinds Of Amazing Things

The Raspberry Pi
is a low cost computer boardand a maker’s dream come true.

Originally conceived as an educational product for removing as many barriers as possible for teaching people to program, Pi has been popping up in inventive creations to make all kinds of electronic doodads come to life.

Despite its low price and diminuitive size, the Raspberry Pi is an extremely capable machine that can run a number of different operating systems. These are mostly specialised versions of Linux, but some have even hacked Android onto it.

Given all the customizability and utility offered by this platform, you have to see the wild stuff people are making with this $US25 computer.

Mine your Bitcoins with a dedicated device.

Now you can mine your Bitcoins on a dedicated Raspberry Pi rig. It's got an LED readout to tell you how well it's working and how much Bitcoin it's mined. It uses USB-based mining processors since the Pi's processor isn't as capable as dedicated miners.

Turn your Kindle into a barebones computer.

Whatever your reasoning -- you want a small computer or just a cool project -- your old Kindle can be hacked up to work with the Raspberry Pi and a keyboard.

Build an arcade table.

The Pi can run all sorts of old gaming emulators. By embedding a Pi-enabled display in a table and tricking it out with old arcade buttons, you've got a nostalgic piece of gaming hardware appealing to even the strictest gaming aesthetes.

An automatic dog treat dispenser!

This little box has a webcam so you can see when Rover is nearby and dispense kibble for him from anywhere in the world.

Coffee with a phone call.

By calling a phone number associated with the Raspberry Pi, it can remotely trigger the coffee machine to begin brewing.

These guys built a supercomputer.

It took 64 Raspberry Pis running in parallel (and housed in a construction of Legos) to build a supercomputer.

Run it on the power of the sun.

Whatever you're using your Raspberry Pi for, you can trick it out with some solar panels to keep it green.

Anonymize your web traffic with a Tor proxy.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a dedicated Tor proxy. By bundling this thing with your Wi-Fi router, it will disperse your Internet traffic around the globe such that it can't be traced to you.

A computer in your hand.

This one's great. It's as if a Linux machine and a GameBoy Advance SP ran headfirst into each other. The battery lasts for 10 hours for long mobile computing sessions.

Build a time machine!

Obviously not a real time machine, but this series of LED displays is driven by a Raspberry Pi hidden inside. A must for Back to the Future fans.

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