Absurd Stats Show That Rasheed Wallace Is Trying To Score As Much As Humanly Possible This Year

rasheed wallace on the new york knicks

Photo: AP

Everyone thought Rasheed Wallace was going to be a joke this year.In the Knicks’ opening-night blowout of the Heat, fans chanted for coach Mike Woodson to put him in for the final seconds — a ritual normally reserved for the awkwardest benchwarmer on each NBA team.

But since then ‘Sheed has shown that he’s not a joke, or even a role player. When he has been on the court, he’s trying to score as much as possible.

The stats:

  • His usage rate (the percentage of possessions a player either shoots or turns it over when he’s on the court) is the highest of his career.
  • His shot attempts per 36 minutes (16.8) is the highest of his career.
  • His points per 36 minutes (19.2) is the highest of his career.

At age 38, he’s more aggressive offensively than he has ever been.

There’s a lot of good reasons for this, the most obvious being that the Knicks lack bench scoring, and ‘Sheed is typically either the first or second offensive option when he’s on the court.

But still, it’s a total shock that he’s doing so much.

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