Report: Rasheed Wallace Is Going To Be An Assistant Coach At The Detroit Pistons

Rasheed Wallace Ball Don't Lie

The all-time NBA leader in technical fouls will continue occupying the bench next year, this time as a coach. According to a tweet from Detroit News’ Vincent Goodwill, Rasheed Wallace will work as an assistant coach for the Pistons. It has not officially been announced yet.

It is hard to overstate how exciting this is. Wallace was one of the most entertaining complainers in the history of sports, accumulating over 300 technicals in his career, including 41 in the 2001 season. Considering the Pistons’ poor play, it is not hard to imagine Wallace growing frustrated with his team’s losing and bursting into one of his patented rants.

At 38 years old, Wallace played 21 games for the New York Knicks this season. He had previously retired following the 2010 season. 

Wallace will become the second New York Knick from last season’s roster to work the bench, following Jason Kidd’s gig as Brooklyn’s head coach. 

While Wallace will assume less responsibility than Kidd, we hope just once Wallace will yell his trademarked “Ball don’t lie” remark next year.

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