Rasheed Wallace Yelled ‘Ball Don’t Lie!’ At A Rookie While He Was On The Free Throw Line

Rasheed Wallace is in mid-season form, playing significant minutes for the Knicks, shooting at the highest rate of his career, and yelling his iconic catchphrase, “Ball don’t lie,” at unsuspecting rookies.

Last night, he fouled Hornets player Austin Rivers. Rasheed didn’t think it was a foul, and after Rivers missed the first free throw he screamed, “Ball don’t lie! That ball don’t lie.”

It was so loud that you could hear it on TV. And someone must have said something to Rasheed, because a few seconds later Rasheed yelled, “I can yell! I can yell all I want!”

The Knicks won 102-80. The yelp comes at the 30-second mark (via SB Nation):