Cardinals Player Continued Playing After Losing The Tip Of His Finger On A Tackle

During the Arizona Cardinals’ game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, safety Rashad Johnson lost the tip of his finger on a tackle but continued playing, according to
Kent Somers of

Johnson took off his glove on the sidelines and the top of his left middle finger was still in it. He went into surgery Sunday and doctors are watching for infection since his bone was exposed.

Johnson says he has to watch film but thinks it happened on a punt return when he tackled Darren Sproles.

The tackle itself looked pretty routine. Johnson is #26, you can see him attempt to tackle Sproles early on in his run, fall over, and look at his hand.

Here’s a still shot of Johnson looking down at his glove. He obviously realises something is wrong:

The craziest part? Johnson had his finger taped and kept playing in the game.

The Cardinals lost 31-7.

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