Rashad Evans Thinks Jon Jones Faked Injury

Rashad Evans is not surprised at UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jonesdecision not to get surgery on his injured thumb. The champ has opted physical rehab over a surgical knife, which to Evans proves that Jones doesn’t want to fight him.

Jon Jones and Rashad Evans were former training partners who according to Evans, promised never to fight each other. That all changed when Jones won the UFC light heavyweight title. Jones immediately stepped up and offered to fight a reluctant Evans. As fast as Evans vs. Jones was signed for UFC 133, it was called off.  Jones pulled out of the fight citing an injury which required surgery. The irony here is that once the fight was off, the trash talk between the fighters has elevated to all new levels.

The Rashad Evans vs. Jon Jones story has really taken on a life of its own over the last few months. They have acted more like lifelong enemies than best friends over the last few weeks. Rashad feels burnt and he certainly isn’t letting it go. In a matter of weeks Evans emotions have gone from sadness and disappointment in Jones to anger and doubt about the integrity of the champ.

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