Rashad Evans Imitates Randy Savage On Inside MMA

A quick promo on Inside MMA for an interview with Hulk Hogan turned into a fascinating look at pro wrestling through the eyes of MMA fighters. UFC fighter Rashad Evans talked about his favourite pro wrestler Randy Savage. Evans capped off the taped interview with an imitation of the Macho Man, which ironically aired the day Savage died in a tragic car wreck.

I watched this at aired Friday night and thought about how eerie the segment was. The crew shot to a promo for “The Voice vs. Hulk Hogan” and wound up coming and talking about pro wrestling. UFC fighters Rashad Evans, Jon Fitch, Mark Munoz, and Strikeforce’s Daniel Cormier all talked about their love for pro wrestling, but Evans specifically talked about his all time favourite, the Macho Man.

The segment was obviously taped as no mention of Savage’s death was made. I just found it almost eerie that not only would the former UFC light heavyweight champion pay tribute to the Macho Man, but also finished off appreciation with a good old fashioned Randy Savage an imitation.

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