Everything You Need To Know About The Tragic Death Of This Rare Earless Bunny


Photo: AP Images

The untimely death of a rare earless bunny named Til has captured the attention of international media. If you’re just tuning in and want to know what all the fuss about, we’ve prepared a short FAQ to fill you on all the nitty gritty details.  Who was Til?

A bunny born without ears

Where was he born?

A small zoo in the east German town of Limbach-Oberfronha

Why didn’t Til have ears?

A genetic defect (though one expert has thrown out the idea that Til’s mother may have chewed his ears off)

Interesting. Why else do we care about Til?

His rarity combined with his cuteness made him a national celebrity in a country that “has a history of worshiping furry baby animals,” according to Spiegel Online

Was Til a boy or girl?

It’s not clear, but we’ll call Til a boy to make things easier 

How old was he?

17 days old

How did he die?

A television cameraman accidentally stepped on him 

Why didn’t the cameraman see Til?

He was buried in some hay

Will the TV cameraman be prosecuted for this murder?

We do not believe any legal action will be taken against Til’s killer. Zoo director Uwe Dempewolf told Spiegel that the perpetrator “was distraught.” 

What will happen to Til now?

His body will be frozen while the zoo decides whether to have him stuffed

Do I know of any other German celebrity animals?

Yes. Knut the polar bear died last year after collapsing and falling into a moat. Paul the octopus, who found fame for correctly predicting the outcome of games during the 2010 World Cup, died in his tank.

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