Rapper Wyclef Jean: Hey, Billionaires, Haiti Needs You To Come Here And Make A Killing

Hip-hop star Wyclef Jean, known for his songs about strippers and social conscience, is trying to encourage investors to pump money into Haiti:

Reuters: When Wyclef Jean went to Haiti recently, he had in tow the television cameras you might expect of a big-time rapper and producer.

But he also was accompanied by a pool of buttoned-down business types, including the likes of Canadian entrepreneur Belinda Stronach and other potential foreign investors…

Jean, 35, said the most important contribution the international community could make to Haiti is to invest in agriculture, road projects and economic infrastructure.

“Charity will never solve Haiti’s problems,” he said. “Haitians want jobs, they want to develop their agriculture to produce food, not to everlastingly receive food assistance.”

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