After Grovelling And Self-Flagellation Rap Genius Is Back

Rap GeniusQuantcastThis is what happened to Rap Genius’s traffic.

Song lyrics site Rap Genius has settled its beef with Google.

Rap Genius announced this morning that it is going to be re-indexed in Google’s search.

The site was wiped out of search for some shady tricks to get higher rankings in Google.

This led to its traffic being totally nuked.

In a long blog post explaining the whole ordeal, Rap Genius says, “We overstepped, and we deserved to get smacked.”

It also says, “To Google and our fans: we’re sorry for being such morons. We regret our foray into irrelevant unnatural linking. We’re focused on building the best site in the world for understanding lyrics, poetry, and prose and watching it naturally rise to the top of the search results.”

Over email Rap Genius founder Ilan Zechory tells us, “It takes a couple days for Google to re-index everything, so search results are a little wonky right now, but we are officially reinstated!”

Rap Genius was wiped out of Google when it was caught asking people to include links to Rap Genius on their blog. It didn’t matter if the blog’s content was relevant to music, Rap Genius just wanted to include its song lyric links on the blog.

Once Google found out it was doing this, it started investigating Rap Genius. It didn’t take long before it sent Rap Genius to the sixth page of Google’s search results. Previously, searching even a snippet of a song got you a Rap Genius page. After it got dinged, even if you searched “Rap Genius” you wouldn’t get the website.

In its blog post explaining what happened, Rap Genius says it wasn’t always this way. It started off with legitmate links from relevant blogs. But, after a while, it got aggressive, and sloppy, which led to the bad blog links.

To clean itself up, it had to look at all the sites linking to Rap Genius. Then it had to figure out which of those sites had legit, worthy links, and which ones had bad, pointless links. It then had to reach out to all the people with bad links and ask them to take the links down.

After it did all of that, Google was willing to put Rap Genius back in its listings.

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